High Quality Composite FrameTriple Pane Laminated Security Windows and Doors for safe, efficient LOGIX buildings.

E-Mail your PDF Plans to Smart Solutions for your Euroline security window and door estimate.

Insulated Structural Concrete Floor for LOGIX Walls                           Fortruss  Install Manual

Soprema Colphene ICF  is a superior ICF hydrostatic peel and stick waterproofing that works excellent with LOGIX

      Colphene ICF is known to be termite resistant.

Viper VaporCheckthe best 10 Mil heavy duty vapor barrier used below slabs and trusses in                                buildings.

Viper provides superior vapor, air and mold protection in High Performance Buildings, reducing HVAC loads.

Viper Poly Tape is used to seal the seams in the Viper Barrier, following the Viper Install Instructions.

Superior Cost Effective Rigid Insulation, used below slabs, ceilings, walls etc.

                                        Homes use this below the trusses for a thermal break.

Fortruss Floors combined with LOGIX walls provide superior strength, sound and fire ratings, they are the perfect combination for radiant floor heating and cooling, 

leading to some common design themes, including insulated walk in coolers, moist and dry root cellars, storm shelters, safe rooms and certainly vaults.

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                                        How important is slab insulation?                                       EPS Foam is better in real world performance than all other rigid insulation.

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SharkSkin Window and Door Flashing that sticks in all weather similar to SharkSkin Ultra SA Roof Underlayment 

Most Advanced Rigid Insulation System R-5 per inch, added to exterior of stick frame to add thermal performance and other conventional uses below slabs, ceilings, walls etc.

Innovative Molded Floor Insulation for fast install of Hydronic Radiant Floor Tubing

The single easiest proven and most cost effective item to improve your thermal envelope is to use LOGIX Platinum R-28 Insulated Concrete Forms with BASF Neopor. Email your Plans (PDF) for High Performance Plan Review ($199) or LOGIX Envelope Package Estimate.

If you must use Stick Frame Construction, be sure to check out Halo below, the next best option. Keep in mind, adding anything to a 2x6 wall will likely cost more than LOGIX ICF.

Homes...30 Ways to add Performance

standard without a furnace (Air HVAC) or boiler (Radiant HVAC)


Thermal Envelope is the most important key element of a High Performance Building.  Most important parts of thermal envelope include exterior walls, foundation, floor, roof, windows, doors and how they all come together.  Continuous quality insulation is the key to eliminate thermal bridging.  The purpose of the thermal envelope is to prevent heat transfer from interior of a house to its exterior in winter and vice versa in summer.  The devil is in the details and all errors are accumulative against you.  Think of these items as your HVAC Comfort System without the energy bill every month. Unlike easily replaceable items or energy using devices, these are simple static materials, paid for only once, and in most cases the selections in design and materials are irreversible and you only have one chance within the building process to get it right. Choose wisely, your monthly operational costs will be the result of your choices.

Select and order your Vault Pro (No Pry) door to have it poured into the LOGIX walls.

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